Friday, June 12, 2015

Colorful Handmade Painted Marbled Leather Wallets in Abstract Art Patterns

I have been wanting to introduce marbling into my work but have had a really hard time with technique.  I looked everywhere for marbling tutorials and when I'd try them they'd fail miserably.  I just ended up with a mess and paint everywhere.

So I came up with a painting technique that gives the look of marbling without actually floating pigments on liquid, as seen in traditional marbling tutorials. I've been experimenting for some time and finally am very happy with the results!

I made some leather wallets that are hand painted and sewn as well as some different sized clutch bags with a marbled pattern. I'm so excited about how they came out and will be working on new color combinations and patterns on different accessories and jewelry soon!

Here are some tests of different paintings I did.

And after testing here are the wallets!


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