Friday, September 20, 2013

Colorful Frida Kahlo Mexican Style Jewelry

Below is my version of a Frida Kahlo inspired desert Southwest colorful leather cactus necklace. Here's the story behind it:

I spent the past 5 years in California working on getting my Masters before finally moving back to Chicago.  I'm not sure because of the weather change or the impending winter, I find myself missing it.  I made a lot of great friends, saw amazing sights and fell in love the the landscape. After taking several trips to Olivera Street and having many Mexican Los Angeles born friends, I wanted to create jewelry that reflects that part of my life.  I wanted to hand craft something that reminded me of the long road trips through the deserts of the Southwest, the landscapes and people.

This necklace also reflects my own Mexican American heritage.  People always asked me what my ethnicity was because I look like the agglomeration of so many.  In case you were wondering, I'm half Mexican and half Czechoslovakian.  Or Czech-Mex as my friends like to call it.

You can visit this necklace and more of my handmade creations here:

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