Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Handmade Geometric Leather Jewelry - Works in Progress

Lots of colorful hand painted key chains in the making!
 I've been working on several projects in the studio.  I have a few wholesale orders of my geometric leather jewelry as well as my hand sewn and painted leather wallets.  I also am working on a wonderfully fun custom order of hand painted leather key chains for a special stockist.  Below are some work in progress pictures of current orders.

Lots of orders to Australia! I love my Aussies!
Painting up a storm!

These will be hand sewn into custom key chains for a special stockist!


  1. Hello Christina, I'm a Instagram fan of yours. I don't know if you'll recognize me but I comment on a lot of your photos on Insta. I just wondering how you started all this. I started my own Etsy shop this summer and I hope that one day I can be featured just like yourself. How do you balance your time to make your orders?? Also, how can you afford to make so much of it, given that you use a lot of leather.

    1. Hi Tanisha!! So great to see you! Of course I recognize you from Instagram! I started Boo and Boo Factory as a side project when I was in graduate school to make some extra money for supplies. I started off using leather from the thrift store and very minimal supplies. As I grew, I was able to reinvest the money back into better leather and supplies. So it has funded itself. I do this full time and that's how I'm able to fulfill my orders. I usually work at least 14 hours a day. It took a lot of trial and error with pricing, but now that I've got the hang of it, I can explore new materials and techniques. Hope that helps! Thank you! <3

  2. They're beautiful!!! The olive one is my favorite.Leather Jewelry