Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hand Painted Textile Abstract Art Patterns on Leather - Colorful Wallet and Card Holders

One of my favorite accessories to make are my leather wallets.  This is a new version, more of a card holder, featuring my original hand painted abstract art.  They are different from my pouches in that they don't have a button snap, they're meant to be a simple card holder leather wallet.  I love painting the patterns.  Soon after these beauties dry, I'll seal them and hand sew them with colorful waxed thread.  Then they'll be ready to list in the shop!

A beautiful mess.

The hand painted leather is drying while I pick out my waxed thread colors.

Still drying.

Now they're ready to punch holes and hand sew with waxed thread.

Lots of paint!

Pretty patterns.  My most favorite part of the process.

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